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Showing all 14 products

What are the benefits of Tredaire underlay?

Key benefits of Tredaire underlay include:

  • Tredaire is the leading consumer underlay brand in the UK, offering a wide range of products designed specifically for residential installations. As such, they are some of the most comfortable on the market.
  • Tredaire offers a number of specialist underlays, including products designed for underfloor heating systems and suitable for natural floor coverings (double stick installation).
  • Parent company Interfloor is committed to lowering its environmental impact, increasing the amount of recycled products used it its range of underlays to around 80% while reducing its factory emissions by over 90%.
  • Tredaire’s PU foam carpet underlays are thick and dense, which not only ensures exceptional comfortable underfoot but also makes them great at retaining heat in rooms while helping reduce noise.

Is Tredaire underlay good?

Yes, Tredaire has a well-earned reputation for producing some of the highest quality residential underlays on the market.

Thick, dense and spongey, Tredaire carpet underlays are renowned for their comfort as well as their high tog ratings, making them excellent insulators.

The result is underlay that feels sublime underfoot and can help lower your energy bills by up to 15%.

Who makes Tredaire underlay?

Tredaire sits under Interfloor, which was created in 2002 following the merger of the Tredaire and Duralay underlay brands.

Interfloor itself is part of the Victoria plc group of companies, which includes other leading flooring businesses such as Victoria Carpets, Westex Carpets and Abingdon Flooring.

Where is Tredaire made?

Tredaire carpet underlay is designed and produced exclusively in the UK. As a British brand, the company is extremely proud of its heritage and is committed to UK manufacturing.

Which Tredaire underlay is best?

Tredaire’s range of residential carpet underlay is unrivalled. Here are some of the most popular lines in the range:

Tredaire Dreamwalk: At 11mm thick, this is a luxury carpet underlay for those areas of the home that demand comfort – think bedrooms and living rooms. You’ll notice the difference underfoot immediately, while the high tog rating will ensure your rooms stay warmer.

Tredaire Colours Red: The thickest product in our Tredaire range, Colours Red is a sponge rubber underlay that performs across the board. Expect supreme comfort, excellent support for your carpet and superb sound reduction.

Tredaire King: Designed to work in conjunction with underfloor heating systems, King has a tog rating of just 0.80 yet a density of 512kg/m3, meaning it lets heat through but still offers excellent support for your carpet. A truly brilliant product.