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Showing all 4 products

What are the benefits of Cloud 9 underlay?

Cloud 9 is an industry leading underlay manufacturer that is trusted by carpet retailers and fitters alike. The company has secured many awards for its products, cementing its reputation within the industry.

The key benefits of any Cloud 9 carpet underlay include:

  • Cloud 9 produces all of its carpet underlays in Britain, ensuring better quality control with the added benefit of supporting local business.
  • Each underlay conforms to BS 5808:1991 & BS EN 14499:2015 standards, so you’re guaranteed a quality product.
  • Cloud 9 underlays are certified safe and fully tested for microbiological performance using International Standard methods.
  • Cloud 9 underlay has been used in many home renovation TV shows, because it is a trusted name with interior designers, carpet fitters and builders.
  • Cloud 9 offers a wide range of carpet underlays for all budgets and needs, from affordable to luxury, domestic to contract-rated.
  • Perennial winners of major awards in the flooring industry.
  • The company continues to innovate and improve the quality of its underlay while releasing new groundbreaking products.

What is Cloud 9 underlay made from?

The majority of Cloud 9 underlay is produced using polyurethane (or ‘PU’) foam. PU is made up of recycled foam or offcuts, making it a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly choice.

How long does Cloud 9 underlay last?

Cloud 9 carpet is guaranteed to last for the lifetime of the initial carpet installation, making it an excellent investment whether it’s going under a new or existing installation.

Which Cloud 9 underlay is best?

You can’t go wrong with any Cloud 9 underlay, but our favourites are:

Cirrus 9mm underlay: a luxurious underlay that’s perfect for areas where comfort is a priority, such as bedrooms and living rooms.

Cumulus 11mm underlay: a true luxury product where you will instantly feel the difference under foot. Use it anywhere where you want to make an impression.

Contract 8mm underlay and Super Contract 10mm underlay: these are highly durable, hardwearing underlays that are ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic, whether that’s a hotel lobby or your hallway and stairs.