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What are the benefits of Wilsons underlays?

Wilsons splits its products into three distinct categories, each of which offer unique benefits:

  • Wilsons Luxury underlays incorporate memory foam or advance grade foam. This makes them extremely comfortable underfoot and super luxurious.
  • Wilsons Specialist underlays are designed for specific residential and commercial applications. This includes underfloor heating systems, heavy foot traffic or double-stick installations (needed for natural flooring types like sisal and seagrass).
  • Wilsons Recycled underlays are an environmentally-conscious choice. They are made using 100% recycled components and are also 100% recyclable, making them durable, comfortable and green.

As a company, Wilsons offers a number of compelling reasons to buy its products:

  • Wilsons is a proud UK company based in Yorkshire. It manufactures its products on home soil and often gives back to the local community through initiatives and charity donations.
  • Wilsons is an environmentally conscious manufacturer that continually looks for ways to lower its CO2 footprint. This includes heat-sealing its bags rather than using additional plastic ties, storing its products in a zero-emission air quality controlled warehouse and using electric forklifts.
  • Wilsons is a trusted name in the industry, revered by carpet shops, fitters and global brands alike.
  • Each Wilsons underlay conforms to British standards BS EN 14499, so you’re guaranteed quality.

Is Wilsons carpet underlay good?

Wilsons has a well-earned reputation for pushing boundaries and producing industry-leading underlay products for both the residential and commercial sectors.

The brand is extremely popular, with over 800 rolls of underlay sent out each day from its warehouse and 12,000m² of Wilsons underlay being used worldwide every 24 hours.

Not only that, Wilsons has been the chosen manufacturer for a number of household brand names, including Premier Inn Hotels, as well as the wider hotel industry as a whole.

So, whether you want high-end luxury, something hardwearing for a business premises or a product that will optimise your underfloor heating system, Wilsons underlays are an excellent choice.

What is Wilsons underlay made from?

Wilsons offers a wide range of underlays, including memory foam, PU foam, crumb rubber and wool felt options.

  • Memory foam: used in Wilsons Luxury underlays, such as Plushwalk, virgin memory foam is more expensive to produce than traditional PU foam, but creates a superior product and performs far greater.
  • Recycled PU foam: polyurethane (PU) underlay is typically created using recycled foam. Wilsons offers a range of excellent high-density PU underlays, including a 100% recycled foam option, which is also 100% recyclable, making it a sustainable choice.
  • Rubber crumb: Wilsons rubber crumb underlay is made from recycled car tyres that are granulated back down and then re-bonded.
  • Wool felt: made using 100% recycled wool felt and can be 100% recycled after use. Typically used in commercial environments.

How long does Wilsons underlay last?

Wilsons underlays are guaranteed for the lifetime of the initial carpet installation when used in recommended areas.

Which Wilsons underlay is best?

Wilsons produces a number of world-class underlays, but our favourites are:

Plushwalk 12mm: A revolutionary product and now a byword for luxury. PlushWalk 12mm is the thickest, softest and most comfortable underlay we sell. Made using virgin memory foam, it offers an unrivalled sensation underfoot as well as long-lasting support for your carpet.

Plushwalk 10mm: The 10mm version of Plushwalk is ideal for those spaces where you need to be conscious of floor height. Also slightly lower in cost compared to the 12mm version, this is the definition of affordable luxury.

ThermalStream: Widely considered the best underfloor heating underlay on the market. It optimises heat transfer between the subfloor and carpet thanks to punched holes, while remaining a safe choice due to the inclusion of flame retardant foam. At 10mm thick, it offers comfort that competitors can’t match.