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What are the benefits of Duralay underlay?

Duralay has been producing some of the most durable underlays on the market since the 1940s, giving it decades of product knowledge and experience.

The original creator of the world’s first crumb rubber underlay, this leading UK manufacturer continues to push boundaries by launching new and innovative products.

Key benefits of Duralay underlay include:

  • Duralay is the leading contract-rated underlay brand, offering a wide range of products suitable for commercial environments where durability is key.
  • Duralay’s range includes a number of specialist underlays, including products suitable for underfloor heating systems, double stick installation methods, hard flooring and even LVT.
  • The company is committed to lowering its environmental impact, increasing the amount of recycled products used it its range of underlays to around 80% while reducing it’s factory emissions by over 90%.
  • Duralay produces the highest quality wood flooring and laminate underlay on the market, Timbermate Excel. This world-class product takes care of subfloor imperfections while offering the support your flooring needs and preventing moisture/damp thanks to an integrated VapourStop barrier.

Who makes Duralay underlay?

Duralay now sits under the Interfloor brand, which was created in 2002 following the merger of Duralay and another leading name, Tredaire.

Interfloor itself is part of the Victoria plc group of companies.

What is Duralay underlay made from?

Duralay’s range of underlay spans crumb rubber, sponge rubber and PU foam.

Around 80% of the brand’s crumb rubber and PU foam underlay is now made from recycled materials, with almost 3 million car tyres recycled every year to make the former.

Does Duralay underlay for wood work?

Duralay makes the industry’s best wood flooring underlay, Timbermate Excel. This innovative product is ideal for all floating installations of both wood and laminate flooring.

Made from rubber sponge, Timbermate offers a supportive, durable base for your flooring to sit on, prolonging its lifespan while also negating minor subfloor imperfections so you get a level finish.

Meanwhile, the in-built VapourStop barrier will prevent moisture ruining your wood flooring.

Which Duralay underlay is best?

As Duralay’s range of underlays is so specialised, it really depends on what your needs are:

Duralay Heatflow: this is a custom-made underlay designed to work specifically with underfloor heating systems. It allows heat to pass through without sacrificing comfort or durability.

Duralay Durafit 650: A highly dense crumb rubber underlay that’s ideal for commercial environments. It can also be used with natural flooring products like sisal and seagrass as it’s suitable for double stick installation.

Duralay Timbermate Excel: A specialist wood and laminate flooring underlay that is widely considered the best on the market. The ideal base for your hard flooring.

Duralay LVT Dry Back: Another industry-leading product for LVT installations. This underlay can be used under ‘dry back’ luxury vinyl tiles to negate the need for expensive and timely screeding applications.