Duralay Heatflow Wood & Laminate 3mm Underlay

£87.99 (£5.84m²)

Duralay Heatflow underlay is designed specifically for use with underfloor heating systems where laminate or wood flooring is to be installed over the top. Heatflow has a low ‘tog’ rating of just 0.35, which allows the warmth generated by underfloor heating to pass quickly into the room, meaning better efficiency and potentially lower heating bills. Heatflow manages to do this without sacrificing comfort or density, offering excellent support and cushioning for your laminate or wood flooring. The result is warmer rooms and a longer-lasting floor. A truly remarkable product.

* This underlay is not recommend for use with an electric mat (or dry) underfloor heating system.
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Duralay Heatflow Laminate & Wood Underlay

Duralay Heatflow is an industry-leading product designed specifically for laminate and wood floors where underfloor heating is installed. This underlay acts as a superb conduit for heat, allowing your underfloor heating system to operate efficiently while creating a stable and protective base for your flooring.

Designed for underfloor heating

With a TOG rating of just 0.35 – one of the lowest in the industry – Duralay Heatflow conducts more heat than other underlays, ensuring quick and even distribution of heat across the floor to maximise your underfloor heating system’s efficiency and create a cosy and warm environment.

Durability and support

Made from high-density sponge rubber, Duralay Heatflow offers exceptional durability and support for your flooring. This robust construction will ensure the underlay stands the test of time, offering maximum value for money and increasing the lifespan of your flooring.

Enhanced comfort

Despite being highly dense, Duralay Heatflow provides a sense of cushioning underfoot without sacrificing stability, making it a comfortable choice for both busy homes and commercial applications.

Noise reduction

Loud footsteps and impact sounds can be an issue with hard flooring types such as laminate and oak, but Heatflow will help negate the effect thanks to its sponge rubber construction, with the sponge element helping trap noise as it passes through.

This makes Duralay Heatflow an excellent option for busy homes or apartments.

Easy installation

Designed to be used in floating installations of laminate and solid timber flooring, Heatflow is easy to handle and lay, saving time and effort during the fitting process. Not only that, it will level out minor imperfections in the subfloor, removing the need for costly screeding.

Underfloor heating suitability

Please note: Duralay Heatflow Wood and Laminate should be used in conjunction with ‘wet’ underfloor heating systems. We do not recommend installing it where electric mat (or ‘dry’) systems have been installed.

Our opinion

We consider Duralay Heatflow to be the very best underfloor heating underlay for laminate and wood flooring. A TOG rating as low as 0.35 is unheard of, particularly for how dense the product is, which means you can be confident that not only will your rooms heat up quicker (potentially saving you money on your energy bill), but your flooring will also have the support it needs to look its best for longer.

If you have an underfloor heating system, don’t consider anything else. This investment will pay you back multiple times over.

Duralay Heatflow is also available as a carpet underlay

Additional information

Weight 36.20 kg
Underlay Type

Laminate, Wood Floor


Sponge Rubber



Impact Sound Reduction








Heavy Contract, Underfloor Heating

Installation Method

Floating Installation

Suitable For Naturals


Manufacturer Guarantee

Guaranteed for the serviceable lifetime of the flooring