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The Best Carpet Underlay Brands 2024

Purchasing a new carpet is an investment that you want to last for years, if not decades. But just like you wouldn’t build your house on poor foundations, the carpet underlay you choose to install underneath will make a huge difference to your carpet’s longevity and how it performs.

Here at Simply Underlay, we’ve been supplying the trade for over 25 years, so we know what makes a great underlay. We’ve also seen an influx of cheap, badly made products flood the market in recent times, which is why it’s more important than ever to choose a reputable underlay manufacturer.

With this in mind, we’re set to showcase the carpet underlay brands we consider to be the best of the best. Pick a product from any of these names and you’ll never regret it. We stake our reputation on it.

Cloud 9 underlay

Cloud 9 Carpet Underlay

Cloud 9 underlay is perhaps the best-known brand on the market, and a firm favourite of carpet fitters nationwide. It’s manufactured entirely in the UK by Ball & Young, which was founded in 1983 and based in Corby, Northamptonshire.

The company is a perennial winner of numerous industry awards, including being named Underlay Manufacturer/Supplier of the Year multiple times by the CFJ.

Why we love Cloud 9 underlay

Cloud 9 underlay is synonymous with quality, comfort and durability. Here are a few reasons why we continue to recommend the brand to customers:

Innovative technology: utilising unique compositions and designs, Cloud 9 underlay offers enhanced support and superior comfort as well as excellent thermal and sound insulation. This makes it an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications.

Sustainability: conscious of its environmental impact, Ball & Young ensures that Cloud 9 products are made from recyclable materials and employ processes that minimise waste and energy consumption. Choosing Cloud 9 means making an eco-friendly choice without compromising on performance.

Awards and recognition: Cloud 9’s reputation is bolstered by numerous industry awards and certifications that recognise its quality, performance and commitment to sustainability. These accolades are a testament to the brand’s leadership and continued strive for excellence.

Wide range of applications: whether it’s for luxury living spaces or high-traffic commercial areas, Cloud 9 offers a variety of products tailored to meet your specific needs.

Why we trust Cloud 9 underlay

Here are a few reasons why consumers and professionals alike continue to put their trust in Cloud 9:

Quality assurance: every Cloud 9 product undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets strict quality standards, conforming to BS 5808:1991 & BS EN 14499:2015. So you can expect consistent performance and longevity from the brand’s underlay. All Cloud 9 carpet underlay is manufactured in Britain, leading to better quality control with the added benefit of supporting local businesses.

Customer satisfaction: the brand’s focus on customer satisfaction is evident in its after-sales support and the positive feedback from millions of satisfied customers worldwide. Not only that, whenever we speak to carpet fitters they almost always push Cloud 9 to their customers by default as they feel confident they’ll never have issues.

Health and safety: Cloud 9 underlays are certified safe and fully tested for microbiological performance using International Standard methods. Not only that, they feature properties that contribute to healthier indoor air quality and a safer living environment.

Cloud 9 Cirrus: a superb 9mm underlay that’s an all-round performer and suitable for all areas of the home, including stairs. One of the most popular carpet underlays on the market.

Cloud 9 Cumulus: a 11mm carpet underlay that’s designed for those spaces that demand a touch of luxury. Offers superb comfort, sound reduction and insulating properties.

Cloud 9 Contract: this 8mm underlay has long been the go-to choice for commercial buildings and those areas prone to high foot traffic, such as stairs. A high-density rating guarantees its durability without sacrificing comfort.

Duralay underlay

Duralay carpet underlay

Duralay is a leading underlay manufacturer that specialises in hardwearing rubber underlays.

Founded in the 1940s, this British heritage manufacturer was responsible for producing the world’s first crumb rubber underlay and has since developed a stellar reputation for innovative products that don’t compromise on durability or comfort.

Duralay now sits under the Interfloor Ltd umbrella, following a merger with Tredaire (below) in 2002. With two storied manufacturers coming together under one roof, Interfloor quickly cemented itself as a leader in the flooring industry, as well as a company synonymous with innovation and excellence.

Interfloor is now Europe’s largest manufacturer of carpet underlay and flooring accessories, supplying its products to flooring retailers, distributors and contractors in the UK and around the world.

Why we love Duralay underlay

Duralay separates itself from its contemporaries in a handful of key ways:

Unrivalled durability: Duralay is the leading contract-rated underlay brand, offering a wide range of products suitable for high-traffic, commercial environments where durability is paramount. This includes high-density rubber underlay like the industry-acclaimed Durafit line.

Specialist products: Duralay’s range includes several specialist underlays, including products suitable for underfloor heating systems, double-stick installation methods, laminate flooring and even LVT.

Innovation: being the brand behind the original rubber underlay, Duralay has continued to innovate over its lifetime, releasing several world firsts alongside market-leading products such as Timbermate Excel and Heatflow.

Sustainability at its core: in line with Interfloor’s commitment to the environment, Duralay underlays are produced with sustainability in mind, utilising recyclable materials and processes that minimise their ecological footprint. Its rubber underlays, for example, are made using old recycled car tyres!

Why we trust Duralay underlay

The confidence we have in Duralay underlay stems from several factors:

Consistency: Interfloor’s rigorous quality control and commitment to excellence guarantee that each Duralay underlay conforms to the highest industry standards, guaranteeing consistent performance and satisfaction.

Proven heritage: with Duralay and Interfloor’s longstanding presence in the UK flooring market, the company benefits from generations of expertise and a reputation for reliability and innovation.

Focus on innovation: by continuously embracing new technologies and materials, Duralay remains at the forefront of the underlay industry, offering products that address the latest demands and flooring trends.

Health and safety commitment: Duralay underlays are designed with the well-being of consumers in mind, offering products that contribute to healthier indoor air quality and safer commercial and living environments.

Durafit 650: an extremely high-density rubber underlay that is built to withstand the heaviest foot traffic, whether that’s a hotel lobby or your halls, stairs and landing.

Duralay Heatflow: available for both carpets and laminate flooring, this innovative product is designed to be used in conjunction with underfloor heating systems, ensuring optimal efficiency.

Duralay Timbermate Excel: in our opinion, the best laminate and wood floor underlay on the market. A must for any hard floor installation.

Tredaire underlay

Tredaire carpet underlay

Tredaire is the UK’s number one consumer underlay brand, and for good reason. Tredaire carpet underlays are some of the most comfortable on the market, helping create that welcoming, cosy feeling we all want from our homes.

Tredaire is one of the longest-running underlay manufacturers, having been founded back in 1958, giving it an exceptional heritage. However, the brand is now manufactured by Interfloor Ltd, which is a company that was formed during the merger of Tredaire and Duralay (above), in 2002.

Interfloor was most recently acquired in 2015 by Victoria plc – a UK-based manufacturer, supplier and distributor of design-led flooring. Today, Duralay and Tredaire sit alongside other leading flooring brands in the Group such as Victoria Carpets, Westex Carpets and Abingdon Flooring.

Why we love Tredaire underlay

Tredaire underlay stands out in the market for several compelling reasons:

Superior comfort and performance: Tredaire is known for its exceptional thickness and density, which provide outstanding underfoot comfort and support. Its superior cushioning effect not only enhances the feel of carpets but also extends their life by reducing wear.

Acoustic and thermal insulation: the brand’s products are engineered to offer excellent sound reduction and thermal insulation properties, contributing to quieter, warmer and more energy-efficient rooms.

Environmental responsibility: all Tredaire products are manufactured with sustainable materials and processes. Parent company Interfloor is committed to increasing the amount of recycled products used in its range of underlays to around 80% while reducing its factory emissions by over 90%.

Versatility: with a range that caters to different needs and preferences, Tredaire underlay is suitable for all types of flooring projects, from residential to commercial spaces. This versatility ensures that there is a Tredaire product to match every requirement and budget.

Why we trust Tredaire underlay

Interfloor Ltd’s long-standing reputation, innovative approach and dedication to quality are the primary drivers behind Tredaire’s well-earned reputation. But here are just some of the reasons we recommend its products to customers:

Consistent quality: Interfloor’s stringent quality control measures ensure that Tredaire underlay consistently meets high standards of quality and performance. This reliability makes it a favourite among floor fitters and homeowners alike.

Customer focus: Interfloor prioritises customer satisfaction, offering excellent customer service and after-sales support to ensure the best possible experience with Tredaire products. We’ve experienced this first-hand whenever we have an issue or need technical advice.

Health and safety: Tredaire underlays are designed with health and safety in mind, contributing to a safer and healthier indoor environment. Its products comply with relevant British and international safety standards, providing peace of mind to any homeowner.

Treadaire Dreamwalk: the definition of affordable luxury. This 11mm underlay delivers supreme comfort along with exceptional insulation and noise reduction at an unbelievable price point. Our best-selling underlay for a reason.

Tredaire Colours Red: an extremely dense sponge-rubber underlay that provides a luxurious sensation underfoot for both residential and commercial environments. Delivers across all key stats and will last for years.

Tredaire Ambience: One of the best all-round products we stock. At 9mm thick it can be used throughout the home, including on stairs, and delivers across the board: insulation (2.37 TOG), sound reduction (39dB) and density (145kg/m3).

Wilsons underlay

Based in Dewsbury, Wilsons is a proud Yorkshire manufacturer which produces some of the finest carpet underlays on the market.

Wilsons redefined the luxury underlay market with the launch of Plushwalk, a product that utilises state-of-the-art memory foam technology for unrivalled comfort and ‘bounce back’.

Being a relatively new company, it doesn’t have the history of the other names featured, but Wilsons has quickly established itself as a leading brand thanks to its laser focus on quality, comfort and environmentally responsible production. A true new-age underlay manufacturer.

Why we love Wilsons underlays

Eco-friendly innovation: Wilsons underlays are made from 100% recycled materials. This not only supports sustainability but also offers customers an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise on quality.

Advanced comfort technology: utilising cutting-edge materials like virgin memory foam, Wilsons underlays are the pinnacle of luxury, greatly improving the look and feel of your carpet.

Versatility: Wilsons underlays are designed for both domestic and commercial settings. Its range accommodates various needs and requirements, including specialist underfloor heating, acoustic and thermal underlays.

Advanced technologies: by shunning cheap PU foam for virgin memory foam, Wilsons underlay offers superior comfort, thermal insulation and noise reduction. But it’s not just the luxury sector where the brand has made its mark. It also produces one of the best underfloor heating underlays on the market in Thermalstream, with its unique punched holes allowing optimal heat transfer without sacrificing comfort or durability.

Why we trust Wilsons underlays

Sustainable practices: Wilsons stands out for its commitment to the environment, utilising 100% recycled materials in its products and continually looking for ways to lower its CO2 footprint. This includes heat-sealing its bags rather than using additional plastic ties, storing its products in a zero-emission air quality controlled warehouse and using electric forklifts. This approach not only reduces waste but also minimises the carbon footprint associated with the production of underlay.

British quality: manufacturing on home soil, coupled with adhering to stringent British standards (BS EN 14499), ensures that every Wilsons product is of the highest quality. This commitment to excellence is evident in the durability, performance and comfort of its underlays.

Customer satisfaction: Wilsons places a strong emphasis on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This focus on customer satisfaction is supported by superior products that genuinely deliver, backed by a responsive and helpful customer service team that is passionate about what they do.

Plushwalk 12mm: the thickest carpet underlay we stock, Plushwalk has become a byword for luxury. Made using virgin memory foam, it offers unparalleled comfort underfoot as well as market-leading sound reduction and insulation.

Plushwalk 10mm: this thinner version of Plushwalk is a slightly more affordable option that still delivers exceptional comfort underfoot, along with outstanding acoustic and thermal performance.

Thermalstream: one of the best underfloor heating underlays on the market, Thermalstream has a punched hole construction that allows heat to efficiently pass through without sacrificing density or comfort. A genuinely innovative product.

Choose a brand you can trust

So, there you have it, if you’re replacing your underlay and carpet, always go for a product backed by a manufacturer with a long-standing reputation for quality.

Each of the four carpet underlay brands featured above can be counted on to deliver exceptional performance and levels of comfort for your home. It’s why we recommend them to retailers, fitters and customers alike, and will continue to for many years to come.

If you need any help picking the right underlay for your project, get in touch with our expert sales team at and we will be more than happy to assist.